Fremont County Transit

Contact dispatch at 719-276-5200 with any questions or to schedule a ride

Riders are to remain seated at all times while the shuttle is in motion

Your driver is not expected to assist you to and from your home, handle packages or groceries- Please make arrangements if you need assistance. 

If you use a wheelchair or walker, please inform dispatch when scheduling your ride

Please call 24 business hours ahead for Canon City, 48 business hours ahead for Florence or Penrose and 7 Days ahead for out of town trips- the sooner you call to schedule, the easier it is to schedule a ride as close to your appointment as possible

Please be ready at least 10 minutes before your scheduled pick up time

Call dispatch as soon as possible if you need to adjust your scheduled ride

If you need to cancel a ride, please do so as soon as possible so that we can schedule someone else

(Please note- Repeated cancellations will result in future refusal of services) 

Please be respectful to drivers and all other passengers on the shuttle. Our drivers are all volunteers and your ride would not be possible without them. Please thank your drivers for their service. 

Helpful Tips